Redsky Fat Bike
Redsky Fat Bike
Redsky Fat Bike
Redsky Fat Bike
Redsky Fat Bike

Redsky Fat Bike

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  • Ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat, Fat tire26*4.0" Anti-slip, and wear-resistant tire. The bright LED Front lights is equipped for night riding. The instrument has a 5-speed smart control button. Shimano 7-speed derailleur systems bring you a safe and enjoyable experience. The shock-absorbing front fork offers a double guarantee of safety.
  • Pedal Assist Mode:The Motor Will Assist You with a Moderate Amount of Power as You Pedal the Bicycle.In this mode, you can drive 60-90km before you recharge.
  • Fully Electric Mode: Twist the Throttle in Any Increments of Power You Desire to Power the Motor of the Bicycle. In his mode, it has a 40-50km battery range.
  • Manual Mode: Pedal the Bicycle Normally as You Would Any Bicycle.
  • 95% pre-assembled when you get the bike.

Max Speed: 35-40

Motor: 500W motor

Battery: 48V 10Ah


One year Warranty On Battery


Go Green

Redsky believe in sustainability and saving the earth

Save the earth and choose the eco friendly way of mobility

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